You may wish to inquire about this from the This Old home Forum. Give a discription that is short of issue then a hyperlink to your website.

The normal dudes here are pretty sharp. It could take a day or two to obtain a quantity of responses – some check that is only a few times per week.

I might absolutely deliver copies of all of the your fix receipts to LG. This can be crazy. And i am hoping you receive the help you require through the audience’s husband.

I have already been heading back and forth with Comcast for my solution at both homes and yes, i do believe there is certainly a script. Last i just wanted to change my appointment date and they started to ask me for personal info and numbers off my modem until I just LOST it week! At long last stated with gritted teeth, « Put me personally on hold. Obtain a time and date for the technology to get to my home. Offer it if you ask me in simple English. And try this in 2 mins or less. » Anyway, We have internet during the pond again…that’s how we’m composing this now. Yippee! I will be outside under the sun! Ha!

Yet another idea, how about a choose up/drop off washing solution? I am unsure exactly how much they charge, but at this specific rate it is probably worth every penny!

So really sorry to know most of the difficulty you are getting through. I do not have plumbing ideas but i am going to point out to any or all reading that i’ve heard from a wide range of buddies that they can never ever purchase any LG appliances once once again … as a result of lousy customer care and lots of issues with the appliances. Just a relative heads up …

Hope your buddy’s spouse’s concept works out well for your needs. A blessing is needed by you!

I will be therefore sorry you will be being forced to go thru this. You have got sufficient on the dish and never having to concern yourself with how to get your clothes clean! I will be hopeful concerning the advice Tammielee’s hubby gave you. The bit that is only of I would personally offer is when you have to have a plumber come once more, make certain a guy can there be. Obtain buddy, a neighbor, an apt. worker, whoever you are able to, just to stay here and inquire a concern or two therefore the plumber understands he can not make use of a female alone! It is sad in this and age that some repairman think they can con a woman day. Many of these plumbing technicians most likely are not knowledgeable about the combination washer/dryer and they are simply grasping at straws to cause you to think these are typically to allow them to charge their solution charge.

We have simply no idea how exactly to fix your condition, but i certainly am sorry you may be going right through something soooo discouraging! Therefore glad you have some readers with plumber husbands. I really hope their solutions be right for you!

Ye gods and small fishes! You have to get great showers here with all of that force! I understand, I understand — it is not funny —

I really hope the plumber that is nice while the water stress regulator may do the key. I’ve not had any issues with my LG appliances (thank heavens).

Meanwhile, we wonder in the event that you could you will need to recover a number of that money you’ve got invested in little claims court?

I might have demanded a return and reimbursement well before We invested $1400 upon it. Yes, Laundromats certainly are a discomfort but considering that is cheap have actually invested over $3000 whilst still being can not wash garments. But that’s me personally. Hope the latest solution works.

I will be therefore therefore sorry to listen to you may be having such high priced issues with your brand name machine that is new. Live and learn, i assume. I really hope Tammie’s hubby has got the solution.

Hey Brendy, check always their FB page out: appears like the organization offers junk and there are numerous other dissatisfied customers. I am hoping somehow, someway, it is possible to recover a number of the cash you have got spent. Be relentless together with them!

I might undoubtedly turn LG in to the Better Business Bureau (when there is this type of plain thing these days). The squeaky wheel receives the oil. I might phone them A GREAT DEAL simply to whine. Sorry you might be having therefore problems that are many we bet Tammie’s guy shall help you. You realize this could be a test to see if you may still find people that are nice here ready to assist. In that case, you found them. Be mindful Rebecca

I’m very sorry you might be having therefore numerous issues. I’m not sure regarding your home, however in my kitchen area underneath the sink is just a knob that regulates the stress. I’m sure it’s the apparent location to look, but, perhaps the plumbing technicians you’ve got had are like you stated benefiting from you.

I’m therefore sorry Brenda. This is certainly a nightmare and i really hope its fixed as soon as possible.

We trust two regarding the reviews above that suggest you can get rid of the money consuming monster and either (1) buy a stackable washer/dryer or (2) offer it somehow and go right to the laundry mat….neither among these two solutions are most likely what you need to accomplish and/or hear if the recommended repairs through the audience’s spouse do not work, I would personallyn’t continue steadily to put decent money after bad. Hope you will get this resolved soon!

Exactly what a nightmare. I experienced a tap that the pin that is developed. It absolutely was a faucet that is cheap. Management replaced it under duress. I am hoping a stress regulator works for you personally. Maintaining my hands crossed, my pal. xo Laura

Order the stress regulator from Camping World. They just cost a dollars that are few very easy to install. I became an RVer for five years with similar Washer/dryer. We constantly utilized a force regulator during the tap. Best of luck

Hi Brenda, Sometimes we must stop placing decent money after bad and just assume the loss. At this time I would personally, it, buy a small stack able washer and dryer if you can fit. Reasonably priced. You simply require one thing simple which will clean and dry your garments. Its not necessary this aggravation. Your wellbeing is much more essential. You are able to offer the device to a person who does not have such water that is high and will make use of it. Make certain it really is right that is still operating.

Your loss could be their blessing. I am certain you’d nevertheless wish the patio significantly more than other things.Barbara

I just did FOR You if you haven’t screamed yet ! рџ™Ѓ

exactly What a total nightmare!! We now have a water force regulator inside our home – it had been installed as soon as the home ended up being built. It really works perfectly. Because of the means – yes, they do have scripts at call centers.